Gramon Bago Uruguay
Gramon Bago Uruguay

Representations and Distributions

We are representatives of well-known pharmaceutical companies that have chosen us to commercialize and distribute their products lines.

Our proven experience in management and top-notch training and commitment of our people staff make us a first-choice partner of leading companies worldwide.

We detail alphabetically our represented companies and their products including over-the-counter drugs, prescription ones, nutritional supplements and medical devices.

Amsino International, Inc. is a company founded and established in California , United States since 1993, with factories in China. Its products are marketed and distributed in over 50 countries.

With great enthusiasm, since 2019 we have taken over the Distribution of AstraZeneca products, one of the main pharmaceutical companies in the world.

In October 2011 we have become representatives of Becton Dickinson Argentina S.R.L. for its products line BD Diabetes Care, worldwide leader in insulin needles.

In the year 2001 we have been appointed representatives of Latoratoires Lyocentre Société Anonyme and from October 29th. 2012 of Probionov, leader companies from France, pioneerings in probiotics development.

From the year 2005 we are exclusive representatives of Bioprofarma S.A. of Argentina, a company that is part of Bagó Group.

In the year 1995 we have been appointed exclusive representatives of Dr. Falk Pharma GmbH.

In June 2008 we have been granted the exclusive representation of Galderma S.A. from Switzerland, one of the leading companies in Dermatology in the world.

From February 1st., 2006, we made the commitment to distribution and representation of Hospira products, which as of 2017 was acquired by ICU Medical, a company focused on connections making, Human connections.

In the year 1998, as a result of an international agreement, we are representatives of a strong company located in Lugano, Switzerland.

In the year 2012 we have taken on the representation of Meda Pharma GmbH y Co. KG from Germany, an internationally leader company, with a wide range of products and present in different therapeutic areas.

From the year 2013 we are representatives of NutraPharm S.A.; a Chilean company leader in development of nutraceutic products and functional food.

In May 2018 we have been appointed exclusive representatives of Pharmin USA, LLC.

From the year 1997 we are exclusive representatives of Química Montpellier S.A., an Argentinian company focused on development, manufacturing and sales of medicinal specialities; it was founded in 1957 and from 1976 is part of Bagó Group.

Synthon-Bagó is a leading company in the treatment of patients with Multiple Sclerosis and other low incidence disabilities, providing the patient with highest-quality products.