Gramon Bago Uruguay
Gramon Bago Uruguay

4th Annual Planning Meeting

From the 1st to the 4th of August we held the IV Annual Planning Meeting at the Hilton Garden Inn with the participation of managers, middle managers, special guests of our company and important speakers.

At the opening day, our General Manager, Mr. Alvaro Bellini, welcomed us and presented with his vision on issues related to the working world, the region and our country, the pharmaceutical market, challenges, opportunities and themes of interest we are working on or will begin to work.

We also counted on the contribution of three outstanding exhibitors who enriched us with their knowledge, aptitude and experience. Psychologist Beatriz Martínez lectured on "Keys to organizational change: communication and action", explaining in a simple way the complexity of the current times giving us a positive and possible vision of the changes. We were able to recognize everyday situations and understand that relationships, the way we do things and the conviction that we can, are the cardinal instruments for building a more prosperous and sustainable company in the future.

The Chemical Engineer Eduardo Barreiro gave us all his expertise, professionalism and knowledge talking about "Marketing and Logistics: two halves of the same orange", from its history to the importance in our days, contributing to concepts, causing the reflection on our operations and proposing opportunities for improvement.

The Pharmaceutical Chemist Florencia Volonté, in charge of Environment in Gramón Bagó, with her ability and sensitivity talked about an issue emerging as well as transcendental, related to our lives and that of future generations: care for the environment and sustainable development. We had the opportunity to know about the projects of the planet, the country and our own company, feeling proud to be working in the care and optimization of natural resources, committing ourselves to future actions.