Gramon Bago Uruguay
Gramon Bago Uruguay


GMP and GLP certification in all the productive areas of our Company

Obtaining the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and GLP(Good Laboratory Practices of Microbiological and Physicochemical Quality Control) Certification guarantees the quality of our medicines, our productive processes, management, and compliance with local and international regulations.

In order to achieve our goal, we have been working for more than two years with a firm commitment on this building and technological refurbishment.

We created a team with specialized personnel of our company, experts in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Quality Systems and also with qualified professionals from the Engineering and Architecture areas, who coordinated the tasks of the building refurbishment to adapt our facilities to the latest requirements and to national and international regulations.

We carry out new facilities and incorporated high-tech equipment, from Germany, the United States and Argentina, as well as some locally manufactured in order to achieve the recommended air quality by the WHO (World Health Organization) and strengthen the production of our products.

The improvement is continuous; we have new challenges and projects.

We keep going, betting on the national industry and sustained growth that allows us to meet local demand with innovative products and the opening of new markets to export our products.