Gramon Bago Uruguay
Gramon Bago Uruguay


Morosoli Gold

We have the great pleasure to inform our Scientific Advisor, Ph. D. Rafael Radi was recognized with the Morosoli de Oro (Morosoli Gold) award, a prize for Uruguayan culture.

The Morosoli awards were created to honour Uruguay culture, granted annually by the Lolita Rubial Foundation. They aim to express the recognition of the Minas society to the national culture and, at the same time, generating an annual meeting that encourages joint reflection and celebrates the highest humanistic values, promoting education, research as essential tools to lay the foundations of the Uruguay of the future.

As a way to pay tribute to the Uruguayan Juan José Morosoli, the Morosoli medal was created in 1991, a symbol of the Minas cultural movement, and in 1995, the Morosoli statuette and the Morosoli Prize, tribute to Uruguayan culture, seeking to honour people and institutions that, due to their trajectory, merits and contributions to Uruguayan culture, are considered worthy of such distinction.

Since 1995, the Morosoli Awards have been held annually on the last Saturday of November, at the Lavalleja Theater in Minas being declared of interest by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Tourism and Sport and Town Hall of Lavalleja.