Gramon Bago Uruguay
Gramon Bago Uruguay


Other Opportunities

Our work includes knowledge and expertise in various areas.
For this reason, we have developed specialists in:

Human Resources

Our team knows personal growth of each person working in the Company is the basis for their own growth.
Therefore, our employees build strong relationships with their work environment based on dialogue, respect and trust.


Administration & Finances

This area aims to manage, administer and control financial resources, information technology and logistics.

It has experts and responsible people for the task, who plan and organize effectively and efficiently the resources of the Company.


Quality Assurance

Within the set of systematic actions necessary to ensure adequate confidence that a product will satisfy predetermined quality requirements, this area develops management tasks like monitoring GMP procedures (Good Manufacturing Practice), revision and safe-keeping of lots documentation, stability studies, drafting validation plans, among others.


Quality Control

Quality control of products is the process that verifies compliance with the specifications of the product before its release. This includes supplies, in-process materials and finished products control.