Gramon Bago Uruguay
Gramon Bago Uruguay


Respect for the Environment

We are committed to the protection of natural resources. We encourage in our people behaviours conducive to their preservation.

  • We encourage all our staff to get involved in the implementation and maintenance of actions focused on minimizing environmental impacts.
  • We engage in the implementation of actions aimed at preventing pollution.
  • We develop action plans for emergencies potentially harmful to the environment.
  • We evaluate from the beginning the environmental impacts the acquisition of new equipment, changes of existing processes and the introduction of new products or technologies may produce. 
  • We apply waste management programmes, prioritizing recycling, revaluation and treatment before choosing disposal or dumping approved areas.
  • We also adhere to reverse logistic programmes for medicines. Through them we intend products return and their packaging from the point of consumption (final consumer - patient or any other stage of the supply chain) to the source which can be Gramón Bagó or any centers with which we work with.