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Gramon Bago Uruguay


Your piece of paper is helpful again: Repapel

From June 2010, Gramón Bagó is one of the sponsoring companies of REPAPEL, an NGO whose aim is to encourage the commitment to caring for the environment, especially through good management of the paper.

We have joined the campaign to collect and recycle it because Gramón Bagó is committed to protecting the environment and because we believe papers do not need today will be useful tomorrow for state schools.

Repapel is a civil organization focused on Education for Sustainable Development. Through awareness, education and training it attemps to generate substantial changes in relation to patterns of consumption and disposal, generating social and environmental impacts.

Actions for awareness, education and training are closely linked to the search for concrete solutions aimed at improving the environment and quality of life of people, focusing on the axis of actions to help the most underprivileged sectors of the country.

Repapel works encouraging paper waste systems management in schools and sponsoring organizations, moving to warehouses or recycling factories. Then materials and supplies made from recycled paper that returns to participating schools. In addition, there are organized many environmental education activities for teachers and children.

It Promotes public welfare campaigns involving the entire population in the commitment to caring for the environment ("Your pages are Re - useful" , " Recycle Dayly", "Your paper goes to school").

It also encourages responsible consumption through selling of reams of recycled paper "Reciclato" and "Carbon Neutral" (500 sheets, A4, 75g) under the " One Ream, A Notebook " programme, donating recycled notebooks to schools, per each ream sold. In this same programme, many recycled paper products are made (paper pads, blocks, letterheads, notebooks, etc.).

Repapel tries to:

  • Disseminate disuse and waste good practices management, as a result of the awareness of environmental issues and responsibility of everyone to this (promoting recycling and, particularly, paper recycling in schools and sponsoring organizations).
  • Encourage responsible consumption and promote development of a green market (through the return of recycled materials to beneficiaries and sale of recycled products to the general public).
  • Provide tools to ensure the capacity for autonomous management of environment matters suffered by schools (through education and training for teachers and children).

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